The ReBuilding Center

Office buildout for The ReBuilding Center and Our United Villages

What do you get when you let a bunch of creative carpenters have unlimited access to the best salvage yard in the country – an amazing office space. That is more-or-less how this project went. We were given a great layout (nice work Communitecture) and the rule that we were to use only materials from their salvage yard to create the spaces (we did end up having to buy fasteners, but mostly because we were too lazy to sort through their bins). These offices inspired a salvage movement that is still going strong years later.

If you’ve heard of the ReBuilding Center, you are likely in love with it. It’s that kind of place. If you haven’t heard of it, and you’re into salvaged building materials, you need to get over there. These guys were green before any of us new what that meant, and they continue to influence the movement. Whether you are looking for inspiration, or just a good deal on a used sink, The ReBuilding Center is a must for all Portlanders.

The ReBuilding Center is located at 3625 N. Mississippi Ave. Portland, OR.