Graeter Art Gallery

This is a project that we designed and built. The space had great ‘bones’ but had been hacked at over the years. We gutted it to expose the great brick walls and well-worn wood floors. The biggest design challenge on this project was giving the client some white walls to display art on while not covering up all of the great old brick. The floating gypsum panels came out of one of our design sessions and we’re pretty proud of how it turned out.

A couple of pieces to take special note of are the redwood slab bar top, locally sourced and masterfully crafted this bar begs for you to rest your elbows upon it and order up another round (the art gallery is also a wine bar). Another piece with a great story is the fireplace mantle. This piece of redwood was an old telephone pole that used to reside along some remote railroad tracks in southern Oregon. We milled 3 sides, leaving the front face unaltered to show of the amazing character of this weathered old pole. Another piece we’re quite proud of is the walnut slab coffee table. John Graeter, owner of the art gallery, found this great slab and commissioned us to make a table out of it. We designed a simple base that worked with shape of the slab and built a piece of furniture that will last for generation.

The Graeter Art Gallery is located at 131 NW Second Ave. Portland, OR, and it’s often the place to be on 1st Thursdays.